The story of a photographer

My love for photography began before I was even a mother. In high school I was the year book editor, and quite often was easily found in the dark room. My love for photography changed and evolved over the years, with the life experiences that changed me. Some of my favourite things that contributed to my choice in this career where moments spent capturing my fellow models while I travelled to model Internationally, creating fantasy worlds with my images, helping women discover their inner beauty through my portraits, and capturing precious moments that too quickly become memories.

Over the years my love for capturing the unspoken beauty of those around me into a full-blown life changing passion. Two children, a marriage, and a long nursing career later, an unexpected health challenge threw my life and career into a new direction. Realizing the critical role that Business Marketing played in the success or failure of any business endeavour, I returned for a third time to post-secondary. Armed now with the knowledge, I am able to share my passion of photography, and showcase its critical importance to the success of Business through Marketing.

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Why "Kalon"?

Beauty that is more than skin deep

When I created my business I wanted a name that directly correlated with the vision I wish to share with the world. Kalon means beauty that is more than skin deep, which is exactly how I wish to capture each of my clients.

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