7 ways to market better during isolation

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left every business owner faced with social distancing or isolation with extra time and worries on their mind. We put together a useful list of 7 ways that you can market your business better during isolation.

1. Identify your client

Now is the time to go through your client information. Use the information you have to figure out what the average age, sex, income, and other demographics your "client" is. Identifying your client is one of the most critical aspects of targeting the right customers. You have the time right now to do some deep-diving into your raw data to find this information.

2. Support local

Take this time to support your fellow local entrepreneurs. Forming strategic alliances with companies and brands that align with your companies values and beliefs is essential to creating long-lasting business relationships. Helping each other in times of need relays what kind of business you are running.

3. Foster relationships

Engaging with your customers and business partners during times of uncertainty is of the utmost importance at the moment. Transparency, flexibility and adaptability are some of the best traits you can possess. Comment on your follower's posts, follow engaging profiles, offer video chats with prospective and current clients. Being socially distant does not mean that we can not be socially engaged.

4. plan your content

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take this time to create your dream content plan. Make a detailed list of engaging content. This could include a list of "dream" branded photographs to be taken in the future, and what kind of curated copy to go with each post.

5. Level up your website

You have an amazing reputation, but does your website? Now is the time to upgrade and refine the way your website appears. Having a professional, easy to find website is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your customer recognizes you as a professional in your industry.

6. be a resource

Become the go-to source of information about your industry. You can offer to share your expertise with your community by sharing reliable resources. Potential customers have more time on their hands to learn about things that are interesting, engaging, and reliable. Share your expertise on topics that relate to your business with your community.

7. investment

Now maybe the time to consider investing in professional assistance with the marketing of your business. Reach out and talk with a professional to create a custom-designed marketing strategy to help your business have the best chance to come out of the isolation on top. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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